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Now we really get to the meat and potatoes of coaching… play the video and click this link to answer the question.

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What Do You Want?

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Hello, how are you? Welcome, thanks for all the information you provided me. I have that form: family, occupation, recreation and motivation. I know lots about you. You know lots about me because I give you my information.

The second question I have, I will ask a client in the conversation, very simple, but it's where we get to the meat and meat and potatoes of coaching. And that is what you want. And typically people will go, hmm, I don't know, where do I start? What do you mean? Start anywhere. Just free flow. Just let it go. What what is it that you want?

And so as I did with the first video and I will do with every video, I'm going to give you my version or sort of version of that. If someone to ask me, Mel, what do you want?

I have a very corny thing that I say to every time someone says, Hey, Mel, what you want for Christmas, birthday, Father's Day. My reply is peace on earth and goodwill to mankind. (And right now, my wife is cringing because she just hates it when I say that.) Seriously, though, I want to be a mentor to coaches and trainers. I want to be a loving husband, kind, warm, loving husband to my wife. I want to be a role model for my boys. I want to visit my mom every year. I'm going to do another Ironman triathlon. I want to write a book fiction. I have the title: It's not what you have or do that intrigues Him with (Capital H), it's who are you being? I want to spend summer on vacations, at least four weeks traveling around the world with the boys. I want to make minimum of 250,000 a year and I want to have five million in the bank in nine years. When I retire I'll be seventy. And Liam, my youngest one, he'll be off to college and I could go on. There is so much that I could just keep going. But for the sake of this video, I'm going to leave it at that.

Now I think you can get the essence of coaching. I as your coach, I want to find out so much about your wants and your desires and your wishes and your dreams because they can come true. So just like we did last time, fill the information in on the computer, on the website, whatever you wanna call it, or a preference. Take your iPhone Android. Sit down, just record yourself. Let it flow.

There are no wrongs when it comes to goals. I'm looking forward to it. Get going.

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