Hello and welcome to a new end! 

I used that word intentionally. 

And that’s because if you’re anything like me you’ve had your fair share of new beginnings – lose weight, get fit, drink less, eat healthier, learn a foreign language, read more books, watch less tv, spend more time outdoors, the list goes on and on doesn’t it?

So here’s a quick overview of how we human beings process our lives.  And next to that process is what we consider to be the probability of success…

1.  We hear or see an idea via the media – lose weight by buying this product.  Learn a foreign language by buying this app on your phone – Probability of Success = 10%

2.  We consciously decide to adopt an idea – fill out the forms to get the food, give your credit card information on the app – Probability of Success = 25%  

3.  Decide when to act on the idea – put something on your day planner or phone – Probability of Success = 40%  

4.  Determine an action plan to act on the idea – how much time you will devote to meal preparation or using the app – Probability of Success = 50%   

5. Make a commitment to another person to implement the plan – tell a friend or colleague about your weight loss goal or a family member about your plan to learn a foreign language – Probability of Success = 65%  

6. Have a specific accountability appointment with ‘another person’ related to implementing the plan – face to face visit with a friend with the foods you plan on eating or a detailed breakdown of when, what and how you are going to use that app you paid for – Probability of Success = 95%.  

So I intentionally said another person not a coach in number 6.  Because it’s important to imagine what happens when you hit a rough spot and aren’t following through with what you said you wanted to do.  If a friend questions as to why you’re not eating that food or listening to that app, regardless of your reply you can kiss that accountability partnership goodbye!  They are family members or friends or colleagues.  They have got bigger fish to fry than try to motivate you to get back on the band wagon!  It could cause a rift in that relationship.  So let’s replace another person with coach and appreciate the definition of coaching which comes from the International Coach Federation – “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” 

And……and so I’m here to help.  I’ve been a Certified Personal Trainer for the majority of the last 41 years of my life.  There was a brief sabbatical where I gave being a businessman a good shot….and I let life get in the way and I ended up eating too much, drinking too much and not exercising and ended up obese!  I mention this because I want all of my clients to know that I can sympathize and empathize with their circumstances.  I’m a nutritional coach with the most incredible company called Precision Nutrition.  I’ve never experienced a company that has a program with such incredible depth and detail as they have.  7 years ago I became a Certified Professional Coach because I knew that what was missing from my skillset was coaching.  Since that first certification I’ve continued my education and studies knowing that this is an ever evolving industry.  I now work for the company I got certified by and train other people to become coaches.

So if you’re not where you believe you can and should be……I’m here and ready to coach you towards your goals.  

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