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In this video, I tell you a little about the art of coaching. Then I walk you through the questions that I typically ask on our first meeting. And since we are working together and this is a coaching relationship, I tell you a little about me. It’s only fair right?!

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Tell Me About You

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Hi there, I'm back, you're back, and I'm guessing that what you've done is received my email, we've done your Precision Nutrition package, you've got started on the nutritional component of this program. You might not have you could just well be someone that wants to be coached on something other than wellness.

So great segway.

You learn about me from a friend and they say, hey, that Mel, he's a great coach. You should, you know, go ahead, give him a ring. If you were to call me up, I would walk you through. Oh, sorry, I would have a conversation for about 30 minutes. We call it the introductory coaching session. And I would ask you a bunch of questions because that's what coaching is all about.

The coach asks the client the questions, the client gives the feedback. So the first thing I would ask you. Literally out the gate. Hello, nice to meet you… Tell me about yourself and then some people like, well, what do you want to know? And what I want to know is I use the acronym form: Family, Occupation, Recreation and Motivation and so for this program, I'm going to give you my answers to everything that the question that I ask.

So Family: I'm 61; English; married Lisa, 16 years; two boys, Quinlan, 13, William 9; the youngest of four; Mum, spry, 88 year old in England; a brother and two sisters. I'm the youngest, so that's my family.

Occupation: I'm the poster child for the old adage, 'Do what you love and you'll never work another day in your life." I don't get up and go to work, I bounce out of bed at five o'clock. This is what I do. This is also what I do. This is one of the areas of my gym. I'm a personal trainer, have been for 41 years. I have a program at a local hospital very similar to what I do here. I am a coach, as you well know. I talk to people on the phone or online. I also train people to become coaches. I was hired by the company that I got my certification through recreation. It's a hodgepodge. I'm lucky I have three or four people who pay me to work out with them. I'm always training for a race. Now, it could be a 5K, it could be a 10k. I trained. I did the Ironman- those days are gone and I think this is my last big race. It's a half marathon last year, so I'm always training for something like that.

Recreation: We live in a great area. I go fishing with my boys, we're near a river, we're near some ponds, we're near a golf course. I'm actually on a golf course right now and then I like to read. Love to listen to podcasts, and I like doing the crossword- keeps your brain sharp. So occupation, recreation…

Motivation, I'd like to help people. That's something I've been doing. I realize that for most of my life. And so that's what motivates me. I'm going to give you an example. I've a couple of my mid forties moms hired me to keep him in shape and we've been having a great relationship. They love what we do is a great thing. And I mentioned, there's a triathlon for women, and you should go.You should do it! … I'm not going to embarrass myself. So that's why I honed in on it. So, I trained them, helped them. We all talk. We did the swim, we did the run, we did the bike and they entered because I wanted to get over that thing about embarrassment. They came in third and fifth in their ages. So it's a great success story.

So, that's a little bit about me. I want to hear a whole lot more about you. We're going to do the same as we did on the nutrition. Either just type the information in… Tell me family, occupation, recreation, motivation, OR it's a preference for me- record yourself, video. I'm doing this on my iPhone and send it to me as a video because then we can have that face to face (sort of) rapport.

There you go, I went a little bit too long on this video, but it's important information. Cheers!

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