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Three more questions:

  1. What resources do you want?
  2. What specific actions are you going to take and when are going to take them?
  3. What is your timeline?

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More Goal Prep (Goals Part 3)

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And yes, I'm back. This is section – part three of what would be a typical hour long coaching conversation that you would have with me and the next question we'll jump right into it. The last one was, what skills do I have? The next one? Do you have the next one- Is what resources do you want? So for me, this is one where for the running, really, it's just somewhere that I can go and be able to have good numbers, metrics, measurement of how I'm doing. And I've got that there's a track not too far away from me and my boys to track that. So I've got a track. So that's one of the resources. The only resource that I want is being able to go to that track. With regards the intermittent fasting, I got one book that I just bought. It's all about animal protein and I started reading it. And it's like most books that I purchased and oh, this is a great idea and I'll buy a book and I'll start reading it. I'll go. This is just too severe? There's no way. No coffee, no sugar, no honey, no vegetables. No, it's like I am not going to…. So I'm digressing. I would like to have some more information on specifics about intermittent fasting. My current right now what I'm doing is I'll have dinner at seven and then my next meal will be about one o'clock is whatever that is, 18 hour, 16 hour fast. So more resources or other tools for that. And for this, you know, it would be great for me to have my own way of working on these.But I've got an amazing web designer and, you know, she does all of this, so I really don't need no resources required for this one. The next question, probably the biggest question of all, and that is what's my timeline or basically what specific actions am I going to take and by when am I going to take them? So first, specific action is Saturday morning, November 7th. I'm going to run a five K race. There's one in my local area even though we have coronavirus going on. So there is a five K race. And so that's going to be the first action step I'm going to take the next week. When it comes to intermittent fasting. I started today. I feel great, actually. And so then the next thing is I'm going to do this on probably every other day, some days of Tuesday. I'm going to tomorrow go back to regular order. Thursday, I'll go back to regular. I might just. Brisket for Thursday, for Saturday. So I've got that and then with regard to these videos, the timeline, my timeline is I got 16 days to do 25 videos. So it's however many video that is a week- maybe the diet isn't working… That's it. Those are the three questions that are now. So now you pretty much got an hour long coaching session crammed into three consecutive videos. Now it's time for you to go to work. You've also got the questionnaire that you'll be able to read these questions. And so and I'm sure this is basically what this is what you can consider the real coaching session. Number one, this is where we are getting into you, your goals, your schools, et cetera, et cetera. So can't wait to hear, cheers!

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