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You gave me your immediate goals, now it’s time to set things in place so you can achieve them.

Three questions:

  1. What obstacles do you forsee?
  2. How can you work through them?
  3. What is your special skillset that can help you achieve your goals?

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Committed to your success!

Goal Prep (Goals – Part 2)

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And I'm back, so the last video, I ask you three questions reimagined- as I say, I'm talking to you on the phone, not doing this medium that we have right now, that it probably take us about 15 minutes of our phone call. So this next video and the following one, these three will comprise one complete hour long coaching session.

So I asked you, the last thing I asked was, what was it you why did you choose these goals? And I told you my reasons.

And then the next question is, you've had this one before. What can hold you back? So in my case, me. Time, lack of. I could focus. Fortunately, I've got someone coaching me and they're going to they're going to take me from one path to the other with regard to the six minute mile goal. That's a long goal. I mean, it's probably six months out, so I'm not going to say I'm going to get held back from that. My guess is I'll be able to work on that if I get injured. That's probably shouldn't happen. And then the the intermittent fasting I like food. I also like to drink. Could be a problem. What do you think? And then with regards to the videos, that's me and time.

So the next question, obviously, I've got my head down here. How will you move past these obstacles? And in my case, I'm going to have my coach hold my feet to the fire, say no, this is what I expected. This is what you said you were going to do. And that that's my that's the the mode of accountability that works for me. OK, so that's how I move past my obstacles.

And then the next one is that it's a very important one. What skills do you have that are going to help you achieve your goals? Because a lot of times we forget that we've got pretty mad skills. The first one for me is I you know, I've trained thousands and thousands of people to run five Ks, ten Ks, marathons, triathlons. So I've got that skill set that the intermittent fasting. I mean, I'm a nutrition. I have a certification in nutrition. I know the ins and outs of nutrition, how it's going to work. I don't know what to expect, you know, hunger pains, things like that. And then the third one. This this is a skill I'm able to sit down in the gym, hit record and get it done.

So that's the next part of this coaching conversation. There's one more video to come. And then you will be able you have experience with an hour long coaching conversation with me has been. So I'm signed off and I'll see you in the next video.

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