If you’re ready to take your life from too many nights of saying to yourself “man, I should have exercised today like I said I was going to, should have eaten healthy and ought to have got around to a bunch of important things on my to-do list” to “good for me!  I worked out like I said I would, my nutrition was spot on and I crushed my to-do list!’

I’m here to help you

I know how valuable your time is so let me briefly explain what my role as your coach is…

Scratch that!  Let me tell you what it isn’t with a couple of examples.  Herding a bunch of 5 year olds like feral cats on a soccer field and hearing them say every 5 minutes “coach Mister Mel when is snack time?”  That’s’ not it.

Or seeing a picture of the Clemson football team head coach Dabo Sweeney sitting on the shoulders of his players holding the National Championship trophy… Not that either.

The official definition provided by the International Coaching Federation (of which I’m a member) defines coaching as ‘Partnering with clients in a creative and thought-provoking manner that inspires them to maximize their professional and personal potential.  The professional coaching partnership is built on exploring options, setting goals, strategizing, action planning and creating meaningful change”

I personally like the description you’ll see numerous times on the testimonial page…”Mel helped me get unstuck!”

Take the first step towards partnering with me so you can be who you dream you will be and complete the application here.