Be who you dream you are destined to be.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Do you keep wishing there was something more than your daily grind?  Is the person looking back at you in the mirror not who you want it to be?

If you’re leading a “shoulda, woulda, coulda” kind of life and feel like a mouse in a wheel….you’re in luck.

I’m Mel O’Keefe and I can help you assess your life right now, empower you to explore where you are and where you ultimately want to be, move past barriers, create a plan and partner with you on accountability and increased follow through.

Coaching?  Personal Training?  Coaching and Personal Training?

Coaching – in my experience the most effective way of coaching is via telephone.  It enables both parties to be in a quiet place without distraction.  It eliminates the coachee wondering what notes the coach is taking.  And of course it eliminates the cumbersome nature of commuting to a convenient location.

Personal Training – The most effective way for personal training is to meet me at the gym!  Which we can both agree is slim.  Fortunately I anticipated that probability and developed a Virtual Mel!  The experience of working with me virtually is as close as you could ever get to working in person – at a steep discount.  Together we assess where you are at right now.  We set actionable goals.  I create daily workouts with videos of me doing the exercises that will help you reach your goals. There’s a section on healthy nutrition.  It really is like being with your very own personal trainer.

Coaching and Personal Training – without doubt the combination of the 2 disciplines has the most impact.  Being able to dedicate a small portion of the coaching session to personal training allows both of us to feel confident that you’re moving forward in your physical health and wellness goals.  And with so much technology at our disposal coaching via skype or video conferencing are a great medium if there is a need for demonstrating a specific exercise.

If all we needed was information on how to do a certain exercise then everyone would be fit and healthy!  Because almost every machine in a gym setting has instructions on how to use it!  No, information isn’t the answer – application is.  And that’s where the coaching partnership that you and I will share comes to fruition.