Being fit and healthy came naturally to me as a child in Grammar School – yes, I’m English. Nothing changed for the first 35 years of my life – competitive sports, body building, Personal Training, healthy nutrition… And then I woke up to this bloated lump looking back at me in the mirror!


How, you might ask did that happen?  Much like those individuals who grind away year after year at their profession to suddenly become an overnight success, I did the opposite!

After years of eating too much, drinking too much and not exercising (even though I was an expert in the field) I became an overnight fat slob!

Serendipity came in the form of a non-profit organization that trains individuals to complete a marathon in exchange for raising money for blood related cancers (

Redemption!  And continuity.  I’m as fit and healthy now at 59 (with 10 and 7 year old boys) as I was back in college.

What happened?  Excellent marathon and Ironman Triathlon coaches who held my hand when it came to the training I needed to do.  And coaching.  Self-coaching helped me stick with the program and succeed.  And it opened my eyes to the possibility of passing on these coaching skills to others who also wanted to be fit and healthy regardless of their age and circumstances. To be honest I was stymied!  I knew what I had done and struggled to express how.

And then I was introduced to the Center for Coaching. and realized that the founder Cathy Liska had taken what I had done and expanded it exponentially to create the ultimate coaching company.  I earned my Certified Professional Coach (CPC) certification first.  Progressed to Certified Master Coach(CMC) and soon will serve as a trainer for aspiring coaches as a member of the CCC team. Most recently I received my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

And now I’m here to help you lead that fit, healthy and prosperous life you dream of….

Let’s get started